1 The TV Basement of Jonet


Jonet is a friend of ours…she lives in Seattle/Washington state…we stayed few days at hers, working on the new album of Call Box…she has a big house with a basement filled with old couch, sofas, old carpets and a BIG TV…we use to go down really late at night to watch action movies…it’s an amazing place…a smell of wood, dust and joy…  :-) 

Lola James Harper is a story of places, friends, artists and families ... The ultra-figurative fragrances dive into the world of musicians, photographers, writers, comedians, DJ, around Lola James Harper. The candle collection is a series of fragrances places where these friends meet to compose, palaver, create or just relax and dream ...


To get the best from your candle. Keep the wick at 0.5cm . Burn for 2-4hrs at a time J

190g Candle.
Burn the candle in cycles of 2 hours, it will last 50 hours.

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Lola James Harper - Candle #1